XY - Flying Clip

Directed by Guillaume Voiturier

Project Description

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Video sponsored by Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Production exécutive: GVPROD
Réalisateur: Guillaume Voiturier
Chef Opérateur & Opérateur steadicam: Jean Garacci
1er Assistant: Jordan Stupnicki
Assistant électro: Adrien Cazeneuve
Script: Clémence Leroy
Photographe plateau: Anthony Holder
Ecole « Make up studio academy  »
Laury Guglielmetti, Cécile Experton, Dhelya Khan
Comédiens & Figurations :
Groupe XY
Pistard: Christophe Paul (Président de l’ Association Albatros)
Pilote 1: Guillaume Voiturier (Réalisateur du Clip & membre de l’ association Albatros)
Pilote 2: Patrice Mojard (Pilote de chasse Mirage 2000 en fonction)
Enfant: Jayson Paul (Fils de Christophe Paul)

Un grand merci à l’Aéroport du Castellet et à l’association Albatros du Castellet ainsi que ses membres pour leur accueil et leur soutien dans ce projet .
Remerciements particuliers à Christophe, Sabrina et Jayson Paul, Mickael & Laure Brocard, Patrice Mojard, Peyo, Thor, Deleus, Orso, Max et tous ceux présents lors du tournage.
http://www.aeroportducastellet.com http://www.asso-l39.fr

« Flying » lyrics: (by JL Ducroiset)

Ever since I was a child,
I spent so much time staring at the sky,
that my mother said: « Son, you should live on a plane! »
The year after I graduated,
I proudly joined the Air Force as I planned.
Made my way to the top,
easier than I thought…

I am flying, (like in my dreams).
At high speed, (above the sea)
It is frightening to feel so free…

Now I’m a father and I’m raising my child,
He spends so much time staring at the sky,
and I’m asking him: « Son, do you want to fly like me? »
I’ve travelled all around the world,
Succeeded in all my missions, even the worst.
I am done with that,
Now I am retired…

I was flying, (like in my dreams).
At high speed, (above the sea)
It was frightening to feel so free…

You’ve got to know that this life can be short,
I almost died up there so many times.
But I chose to follow my dreams,
’cause passion is stronger than anything!

I was flying, (like in my dreams).
At high speed, (above the sea)
It was frightening to feel so free…

Project Details

  • Client

    X Y

  • Skills

    • Design
    • Photography
    • HTML
    • jQuery
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